the bob rider studio | senior rep program

What You get

a free senior session

Your styled senior session is free with only one caveat: We ask that you provide a paid referral within 90 days of your shoot or be billed the session fee of $300.

And You get

Fifty free senior rep cards

Use these cards to show off your incredible pictures to your friends, teammates, classmates, neighbors, and family. Every card has the potential to land a booking and earn free merchandise.

And You get

artwork, albums, merchandise

The more bookings you send our way, the more print credit you can earn. Use your print credits to buy prints from your session, grad announcements, and album, and more. And check THIS out: Send us ten bookings and we'll give you a brand new Canon DSLR!


we get

we get to do more of what we love

The Senior Rep program is win-win for both of us. You get great pictures, artwork, and have a ton of fun. We get to do more of what we love to do - take pictures of awesome teens! The more our business grows, the more fun we get to have with our Senior Reps.

How to apply

apply today!

Send us an email with your name, cell/text number, school name, a few thoughts on what you're interests are and a 250 word (approximate) essay. Your essay topic is, "Why is community important."

Be sure to include two pictures of yourself - one selfie (closeup) and one full length picture. We'll review your application and get back to you within a few days. The application deadline is October 1, 2018.


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