Bob Rider Headshot Specialist

I'm Bob Rider. Husband. Father of four sons. Navy Veteran. Retired cop. Road cycling enthusiast. Certified Professional Photographer. 


I've been behind a camera since the mid-80's. I learned first on film, when getting it right in camera meant a whole lot. I've defined a clear, crisp style that emphasizes the subject. I bring amazing life experiences and a genuine love of craft to my work.

My skillset is geared nearly exclusively to business and industry. C-Suite, Management, Front Line Workers, Enterprising Individuals. Manufacturing, Construction, Medical, Dental, Finance, Commercial, Industrial. 

Give me a shout. Let me help you introduce your people, projects and products to the public.

I'm Brianna Rider. Mom of boys. California native with a background in banking. Bob and I share our passion for road cycling. And I'm a small business owner.

I am the studio manager, key grip, I keep an eye on wardrobe & makeup, ensure things are in their place. I adore the images we create. The craft that goes into the work. I love working with a vision and helping with the creative process. I also tend to most of the backend work - the business behind the business, if you will.

I'm easy to get in touch with if you have any questions for me. I'd love to hear from you and I look forward to working with you.

Brianna Rider Studio Manager